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A one girl initiative

October 2012

Do It In a Dress

I'm wearing a school dress so a girl in Africa can wear one too.

Hi. I'm Chantelle.


Day 17 in A Dress

I know, I know. I've been slack. I've been too busy watching everyone else's updates and not doing my own! It's Day 17 in a dress - and I'm going pretty well. I have to admit on the weekend all I wanted to do was pull on a pair of jeans and relax - but the DRESS RULES! Here are some photos from my latest Do It In A Dress adventures :)

Cocktails in a school dress! Apples in a school dress

Getting my Ninja on, in a Dress

WELL - this was a DAMN exciting weekend. Cupcakes in a dress. Ninja moves in a dress. Dinner in a dress. Hanging with my sisters and nephews. It was definitely an "in a dress" kinda weekend. Check out our epic ninja video that we made to celebrate our ninja moves. 

AAnd some pretty pictures too.. 


Getting on stage in a school dress

This weekend I gave a talk at the Future Health Leaders Conference. And it wouldn't be a One Girl talk unless I got on stage in my school dress RIGHT!? Here's a little video I took before I went on stage.. can you tell I'm nervous? 

Plus a pretty picture.. 


Dinner in a Dress!

Well, once again I left my weekly challenge to the last minute. But last night, I got my school dress on and headed out for some trivia and some dinner. AGAIN - I was so nervous! I pulled out one of my school dresses that Leeyong designed for me last year - it's probably one of the funkiest school dresses that I own! I was pretty happy strutting my stuff in this cute little number. 

I didn't...

Day One Do It In A Dress!

So my Do It In A Dress movement has started today :) Exciting times! 

I'll be going for lunch in a school dress, business meetings in a school dress, and other exciting adventures.. Check out my video here!

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